September 24, 2023


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Abogada Julia: What Are the Different Types of Immigration?

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Immigration can be a hot topic for people to talk about in the United States. When people think about all the different types of immigration, they usually think about overall status.

Giulia Fantacci, also known as Abogada Julia, has always strived to open up as many opportunities for clients as possible so that they can live without the fear of having to leave the United States. She’s made it a significant focus with her law firm, GF Immigration Law, to rely heavily on T-Visa opportunities if a client qualifies for this protection.

What are the four significant types of immigration statuses? This is a look at those four through the prism of GF Immigration Law.


Citizens have pledged allegiance to the United States and have inalienable rights according to the United States Constitution. Within the citizen status, there are two types of citizenship.

Someone who is born in the United States is a citizen by birthright. They have automatically earned the right to be an American citizen, and they keep it unless they renounce their rights. Not only does this apply to all 50 states, but anyone born in United States territories also receives United States citizenship by birth.

The second type of citizen in the United States is what GF Immigration Law can help with down the road. Someone who goes through the naturalization process can work towards getting the same type of citizenship rights as someone who was born in the country.

There are quite a few steps people must take to become a citizen through naturalization fully. 

This includes:

  • Being 18 years of age or older
  • A permanent resident for 3 to 5 years
  • Continuous residence and physical presence in the country
  • Capable of reading, writing, and speaking English at an elementary level

Demonstrate good moral character, some knowledge of the United States history and government, and loyalty to the United States Constitution, among other requirements.


A person who’s an official resident of the United States can also be referred to as a lawful permanent resident. They can live in the United States indefinitely, as they have what’s referred to as a Green Card. This Green Card works to prove lawful status at any time.

An immigrant can obtain a Green Card in a variety of ways. Whether through family, employment, special immigration, asylum, or being a victim of human trafficking are a few ways that immigrants have services available to help them become residents or help resolve their situation.

This is another process that GF Immigration Law handles. The process to obtain a T-Visa can eventually apply for a Green Card which can take about 1-3 years.


If a person is labeled a non-immigrant, they are from another country and have been temporarily permitted to be in the United States. They have a non-immigrant visa that shows they are legal as temporary visitors.

Many variations exist as far as non-immigrant visas are concerned. With Abogada Julia, the most significant focus is the T-Visa. Anyone who’s a victim of human trafficking can apply for an opportunity to get a non-immigrant T-Visa. With this visa, they can work and live in the United States with their family if applicable.

The legal process of figuring out how to apply for a T-Visa can seem daunting for someone who’s already been through traumatic experiences like being trafficked. Most are still recovering from those experiences and don’t want to tackle an issue like this. 

Law firms like GF Immigration Law are here to help immigrants in these situations and will handle almost everything to make a client’s life easier.

Undocumented Immigrants

This immigration status is controversial because it includes people who have entered the United States illegally. Since there’s no record of these individuals entering the country, there’s a chance of deportation if caught.

Constantly looking over your shoulders in fear of being deported is no way to live.

GF Immigration Law’s Plan For Each Client

Without applying for that initial T-Visa, victims of human trafficking run the risk of being labeled undocumented immigrants. As unfair as that might seem on paper, it’s a reality that has burned people in the past.

GF Immigration Law is about trying to do whatever possible to stop that from happening. As soon as approval goes through for a T-Visa, it’s much easier to start a life in the United States and live comfortably.

It can seem like a long and drawn-out process from a potential undocumented immigrant to a citizen, but it is possible in specific scenarios. At the very least, getting the chance to become a resident can be done in just a few years. 

Giulia Fantacci and her team are always willing to answer questions and provide tips to individuals reaching out to them. When someone decides to work directly with GF Immigration Law, the team strives to provide as much personalization and attention to detail as possible to speed the process up.

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