June 21, 2024


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About Online Paralegal Certificate As an Entry Level Qualification

An online paralegal certificate is not enough as an entry level qualification into the legal profession. Although lawyers are in the end responsible for all legal services they do for their clients, the volume of legal work and scope is so vast that the necessity for well trained legal assistants is now inevitable.

The career is one of the fast-flying careers in the United States. Students are able to obtain training both off line and online. The qualifications range from online paralegal certificate to degrees. You can even read for a doctorate or for a special certification.

A Paralegal is defined by the American Bar Association as a person who is capable through education, work experience or training to discharge assigned legal work by a lawyer in a law office or in the legal department of a Government agency or a corporation. Jobs are usually delegated jobs for which a lawyer should otherwise handle. A qualification above an online paralegal certificate is therefore very vital.

Attorneys receive valuable assistance from these legal assistants. Preparation of files for trials, hearings, closings, client interviews or depositions are some of the jobs in a law firm. Other duties include legal documents research, locating witnesses, arranging affidavits, and indexing and retrieving case files. Computer literacy is very important. You will also draft agreements and contracts. Considering all the above you can see that you require more than an online paralegal certificate to be able to discharge your duties excellently.

There are job openings in all aspects of human endeavor. They assist the public in matters of law in the legal departments of both public and private corporations and in the legal departments of both governmental and none governmental organizations.

In the past training was mostly on the job or obtained via an online paralegal certificate, but today you can obtain an associate degree from programs offered by the community. An associate degree program is generally a 2-year program and as such not quite good for the vast work you may be responsible for. The basic entry level qualification is now a 4 year degree program.