July 13, 2024


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Dan Andrews leads a rotten government, party. He should resign


How does Dan Andrews hold having away with it? The Victorian Labor Social gathering he has led for far more than a ten years is rotten to the core. His federal government is tragically inept. And yet he sails by means of scandal just after scandal, insisting that by some means it’s not a reflection of his very own benchmarks as premier and get together leader.

The report on department stacking within the ALP unveiled by the Unbiased Broad-based Anti-Corruption Commission (IBAC) and Victorian Ombudsman yesterday is scathing. Public methods ended up misused by ALP ministers — most notably by Adem Somyurek (key IBAC quote: “In the faction’s misuse of community methods, Mr Somyurek led from the front”). Somyurek’s absurd declare that the report exonerated him was specifically turned down by the ombudsman.

Staffing work opportunities ended up made use of for inner political get the job done and nepotism — as a substitute of serving the public, appointees worked, sometimes entire-time, on factional hackery, or never confirmed up for operate at all. Makes an attempt have been produced to misdirect grants to factional mates. The report finds there was a tradition of department stacking inside of the Victorian ALP that went beyond Somyurek’s faction, and the misconduct was overtly or tacitly condoned by senior figures in the occasion.

The ombudsman and IBAC, the latter thoroughly and conveniently prevented by legislation from suggesting its topics may well have damaged the regulation, went out of their way to reveal that no legal guidelines had been broken only due to the fact regulations against abuse of public assets and misuse of workplace are so obscure in Victoria as to be pretty much unenforceable.

As for the leading himself, the report states:

Andrews agreed that he had been knowledgeable of popular recruiting of non-genuine members above the preceding couple of a long time and that there had been men and women who had compensated for the memberships of other folks above a extensive period. He also agreed that the practice was not limited to one particular faction and transpired ‘across the board’ … Andrews denied any particular awareness of or involvement in these kinds of practices … Andrews agreed that branch stacking was a significant issue and that it could sum to a corruption possibility in the perception that it could guide to the misuse of taxpayer or community funds in the pursuit of factional pursuits. He agreed that elimination of department stacking was important to get rid of the danger of corruption.

Andrews’ proof certainly doesn’t include up. He says he someway realized but didn’t know. He’d heard about such procedures, but not any information of who may possibly be executing it. He “made the difference amongst owning suspicions about people who may be engaging in the observe and acquiring actual information of specific men and women who engaged in such practices”.

Severely — the male has been chief for 12 decades, leading for eight, suspects a thing is taking place that is “a significant problem” and “a corruption risk” — and would seem to do nothing about it. In truth, he appoints as minister the male recognized by IBAC as the leader of department stacking and misuse of community methods, and then reappoints him in 2018 soon after he was dumped for alleged bullying.

And, conveniently, right after yet another colossal scandal involving the misuse of taxpayer-funded staff members — the infamous purple shirts scandal — Andrews’ legislative fix for that outrage, and his subsequent changes to the ministerial code of perform, failed to tackle the issue.

Indeed, in accordance to IBAC, “the [post-red shirt] VIRTIPS Act also worsened the place on the use of voters officers and ministerial staff for internal celebration-political activities”, reflecting that the Andrews authorities “was not worried about protecting against electorate officers and ministerial employees getting used on inside get together tasks”.

For a leading suspicious that branch stacking was transpiring, and needed by the purple shirts scandal to correct the misuse of taxpayer-funded staffers, Andrews did nearly nothing at all about the issue.

Now he claims, “I just take full responsibility for that conduct — that is what the leading work is about”. If the phrase “full responsibility” had a shred of this means, alternatively than now becoming a glib political cliché intended to avoid any accountability, Andrews would have resigned quickly.

As a substitute it appears that — like Scott Morrison, yet another chief of a putridly corrupt authorities — Dan Andrews will have to be eradicated by voters.

Probably there will be loads who will say, “what about the Liberals?” The Victorian Liberals. The federal Liberals. The NSW Liberals. But so what? You never get to be selective about requirements in general public daily life. If you railed in opposition to corruption beneath Morrison, or in NSW, or versus the sinister hyperlinks of Victorian Liberals, then you should be demanding Dan Andrews go now. But Danistans will generally invent a reason why he’s harmless/it’s all just a media plot/it’s not significant.


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