June 25, 2024


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Five Ways the Nick Heimlich Law Firm Can Help You Prove Intellectual Property Theft

Intellectual property refers to any proprietary rights, including copyrights, patents, trademarks, and trade secrets. Nick Heimlich Law is more known for representing and protecting these intellectual assets. Sometimes, you may need an intellectual property lawyer to help you with a case of copyright infringement or if you want to argue your company’s trademark in the courts.

Intellectual property can be stolen in the following ways:

  • Theft – Someone who has access to your intellectual property is stealing that information.
  • Reproduction – Copying your intellectual property onto a disc or other means.
  • Trade secret misappropriation – When someone uses your intellectual property and attempts to keep it from you, although knowing of its existence.

Their attorneys can help you by researching the intellectual property and gathering proof of ownership. They can also educate you on your company’s intellectual property rights and keep you informed on what to do if your intellectual property is being stolen. Nick Heimlich Law can help you prove that your intellectual property has been stolen in the following ways:

1. Document Suspected Infringement

Intellectual property lawyers can help you by gathering evidence of the suspected theft. Once you have proof, you can use the evidence with a judge or jury. The intellectual property lawyer will collect data such as:

  • The official company records that you suspect have been stealing your intellectual property.
  • Documents of offers made to buy or sell your intellectual property.
  • Information about the witnesses who signed, authorized, or witnessed the transfer of the alleged stolen intellectual property.

Their attorneys will also have access to the evidence from past lawsuits that protect your intellectual property and can help with future cases.

2. Head to Court

If you don’t have enough evidence to get a ruling at the court level, you may need intellectual property lawyers that can head to court on your behalf. The accusation will be made in a formal complaint, and the judge or jury will question you and any witnesses about the allegations. If you can prove your intellectual property was stolen, an order will be issued banning the thief from any more use of your intellectual property.

3. File a Patent

Intellectual property lawyers can also help you by getting your invention patented, which means it’s given an exclusive right to be made, used, or sold. The patent will be good for 20 years; the only way someone else can get around the patent is through a legal procedure.

4. Recruit Witness Testimony

In some cases, you may need the testimony of witnesses to prove that the other party is aware of your intellectual property and is copying it. The intellectual property attorney will help you by having the witnesses sign affidavits to the court and testify before the judge.

5. Hire a Computer Forensic Expert

For extreme cases, intellectual property lawyers may need to hire a computer forensic expert to get proof of stolen intellectual property from a criminal computer with no ownership information. In this case, the witnesses may have to sign sworn testimonies about what they saw on the computer that would reveal their relationship with you and your company.

In conclusion, enforcing your intellectual property rights requires careful planning and the work of an experienced intellectual property attorney, who can help you prove that your intellectual property has been stolen. Contact Nick Heimlich Law today to learn how we can help they protect your intellectual property and if you need any assistance with the above points.