June 15, 2024


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Free Legal Advice For Debt Resolution

If you have a problem with debts you need good legal advice. However the last thing that you need is advice that you have to pay for. It is true that advice on debt relief is a specialist area requiring skills/qualifications, so how are you going to get his advice free? Fortunately there are charitable organizations that will provide free advice. There are also companies/legal advisers that will provide free advice initially in the hope that you will sign-up for something they can charge you for later.

Charitable Organizations Providing Free Advice For Debt Relief

In the United Kingdom there are two main charitable providers of free advice on debt relief:

1. The Citizens Advice Bureau. Many CABs will have specialist debt case workers that can provide top-quality free advice. However there may be a a waiting list to see the debt case worker, as they are very much in demand at the moment. You are definitely not on your own with your debt problems. Although the other workers in the Citizens Advice Bureau will be able to offer general advice on debt problems you do really need to see the specialist debt case worker (who should be a qualified money adviser). After having given advice they should be able to negotiate with your creditors on your behalf if this is appropriate to your situation.

2. The Consumer Credit Counseling Service (CCCS) is a non-profit making organization that is funded by contributions from the credit industry. It can offer advice on your debt situation and will negotiate and administer a Debt Management Plan for you if this is an appropriate solution.

Commercial Organizations Offering Free Advice For Debt Relief

Many commercial organizations offer free introductory consultations that can help you to decide on the best course of action. It is always worth remembering that their advice might be slightly biased towards the solution that they are selling.

In the United Kingdom Solicitors will often offer a free initial consultation. This can often be of limited use because it is not long enough to discuss your options in any detail. You would quickly find yourself having to pay for additional time. Also legal professional are not always best places to advise you on debt problems. They are familiar with the law but not necessarily the way that the laws are applied in practice.

Companies that offer either Debt Management Plans or Individual Voluntary Arrangements will sometimes take you through the initial process of identifying all of your debts, income, and outgoings. They do this so that they can assess whether you are suitable for the particular debt management solution that they are selling. As long as you are aware of this then they can provide very useful advise even if you (or they) decide that their debt management solution is not suitable for you.