July 15, 2024


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Getting Legal Representation When You Aren’t Getting Paid for Your Work

Getting Legal Representation When You Aren’t Getting Paid for Your Work

They can go over the situation with you and let you know if you have a case. If you do, they can share with you the options available. They are going to review the state and federal overtime laws that pertain to your situation. That is what they will use as a basis to get you the money that is owed. It can take time to get results, but you do need someone with plenty of experience.

Keep your Job

Some people worry if they speak up and get an unpaid overtime lawyer they will lose your job. The laws will protect you though and you can’t be fired for whistleblowers on an issue that they are illegally taking part in. Your employer may be willing to accept the information the lawyer sends to them and pay you the money that is owed.

If they refuse to do so, then the case will need to be filled in a court of law. This is considered to be a civil case by many. However, if your unpaid overtime lawyer can prove laws are being broken then it may be a criminal case as well. They will invest time to find out what amount you should be compensated and how to bet handle it to get a desired outcome.

Gathering Information

Keep as much documentation hey will also use that information to verify it was an ongoing issue and not just one time.as you possibly can about the hours you have worked and not been compensated for. This is going to aid your unpaid overtime lawyer with getting the case ready to go. They will need to give plenty of evidence and have a monetary figure ready to give. T

If you have had meetings with your boss, human resources, and other areas of the business to discuss this compensation, share those details too. Document who you spoke to, when you talked to them, and the outcome. Such information further helps your case as it shows the company was aware of the laws being broken but they chose to ignore it.

Multiple Employee Cases

You may not be the only one looking for an unpaid overtime lawyer. There could be several people that work at the same company you do going through the situation. There is strength in numbers. You may be able to create a claim that includes several employees at once versus them instead of just you taking them on.

Find a qualified unpaid overtime lawyer willing to dig deep and to take on any business for their unfair treatment of you and other employees. They should be patient, compassionate, and working hard to get you results. Many of them won’t charge you for the representation unless they get money for you. When that is the agreement, they will keep a percentage of what you get.

This is a great opportunity for you to get the best legal help when you don’t have money up front to pay for it out of pocket. At the same time, it will encourage them to give the case plenty of attention. They realize they will only make money if they get results for you!