June 25, 2024


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How An Accident Attorney Can Determine a Driver’s Recklessness

Reckless driving causes thousands of accidents yearly, claiming many lives and injuring others. The best way to avoid crashing with reckless drivers is to spot them and keep your distance. A driver who is not cautious when sharing the road with others is just reckless. If others’ negligence injures you, an attorney can help you claim compensation.


Every road section has speed limit indications. Drunkenness or aggressiveness are the major causes of driving too fast. Vehicles, especially public transportation, should have speed limiters. If you see an overspeeding vehicle, pull off and report the vehicle.

Ignoring Traffic Rules

Breaking traffic rules is a common indicator of a reckless driver. Common rules are speed restrictions, traffic signals, and right of way. A careless or intentional traffic violation is negligence, and the driver may be liable. If hurt, consult a Houston car accident attorney.

Failing To Signal

If you are turning or changing lanes, you should signal. However, some drivers seem unbothered to alert others, putting them at risk.

Drunken Driving

Drunken driving leads to poor judgment, loss of control, and reduced reaction time. Others swerve the road or drive at high speed, endangering others. After drinking, don’t drive. Call a taxi to drive you home. The degree of drunkenness can be checked by blood alcohol concentration, and if the level is high, you can be charged in court.

Driving an Unroadworthy Vehicle

Cars in poor condition cause many accidents on the roads. If you don’t service your vehicle, the brakes can fail, causing an accident. Other drivers use cars with mechanical problems, knowingly risking the lives of others. It’s essential to drive roadworthy vehicles when transporting goods or passengers.

Not Slowing Down During Bad Weather Conditions

Drivers should slow down during bad weather like heavy downpours, hail storms, and tornados. You should also slow down in traffic jams and in areas with road work. Some drivers ignore these hazards and drive at unsafe speeds, causing accidents.

Drifting Between Lines

Swerving can mean many things. It may mean a driver is tired, distracted, or drunk. It can also indicate not paying attention to staying in the lane. Swerving is also a sign of aggressive driving, weaving in and out of traffic. Unfortunately, such drivers don’t give other road users enough room, which risks them.

Erratic Braking

Unless it is an emergency, reckless braking means the driver isn’t focused on the road or is intoxicated. Some drivers slow down, and they speed up once they realize they are slow. Similarly, a driver may brake if they are going too fast. Being close to such a vehicle can be dangerous.

Distracted Driving

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration report showed that distracted driving killed 3166 people in 2017. The use of mobile phones, either for texting or calling, eating, talking to passengers, or grooming in the car, can take the person’s focus off the road.

Lane Blocking/ Traffic Obstruction

A reckless driver can block the road, preventing others from changing lanes. In traffic obstruction, a driver can stop or park, distracting others from passing. Also, a broken-down car can block the road. These situations show reckless driving, which can cause an accident.


Drivers drive too closely if they want the car ahead to speed, or it is sometimes a sign of aggressiveness. Tailgating can cause rear-end collisions involving several vehicles. If you notice a tailgater, move to the next lane and let them pass.

Reckless driving is among the most dangerous behavior on the road. In most cases, reckless driving causes fatal accidents leading to death and serious injuries. Find ways to avoid colliding with a vehicle if you spot a driver over speeding, distracted, drunk, tailgating, or blocking the lane. However, if you or your loved ones have been hurt by negligent drivers, consult a car accident attorney. A professional will help you get justice.