July 15, 2024


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How Can Call Centers Help Law Firms with Intake Services?

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Law firms have many tasks such as facilitating research, assisting in court cases and offering high quality services. Apart from those duties, they must also answer all the incoming calls from existing and new clients every single minute. Therefore, they need to outsource call services to professionals in order to do other more important tasks. Benefits of outsourcing include:

Maintaining business continuity

Your company may not be open 24/7, but that doesn’t prevent clients from trying to reach out to you after-hours, during holidays or even on a very busy day. When you work with a legal-based call center that helps with intake for law firms, you will not miss any important customer calls. The outsourced company will manage all calls 24/7 and forward the information to your company. Therefore, they will promote business continuity.

Reducing costs

When you hire someone to receive calls in your company, it may be expensive regardless of the size of the company. However, when you work with an outsourced call center, you will avoid using a lot of cash on training, compensation or lost opportunities. Moreover, your business may not be able to run a call center 24/7 because it may deplete your company resources. Therefore, when you outsource such tasks, you will save on costs and precious time. They will handle all calls at an affordable price.

They work 24/7

If you are an international company that works with clients from different parts of the world, then you should work with agents who are not limited by any time zones and can work round the clock. Moreover, such call center teams are usually divided into shift groups to cater to clients throughout the day and night.

Helping to acquire new customers

Great agencies provide both inbound and outbound services that allow your company to handle both internal and external communication. Outbound communication will enable you to get new clients while inbound communication will help to answer customers’ inquiries and questions. Inbound communication aids in retention of existing customers.

Eliminating interruptions

Lawyers understand how calls are necessary yet distracting. When you work with a call center, you can leave the duties of receiving and answering calls to them as you focus on more essential activities in the company.

Building strong customer relationships

Clients should feel that you are reliable and trustworthy anytime, any day. If they try calling you and their calls go to voicemail, they may not feel reassured that you will be there in their time of need. However, when their calls are answered every time by professional, friendly and caring personnel, they will begin to trust you and your business. Moreover, if you are always reachable, your clients will start leaving positive reviews on your social media pages and website.


When you hire a call center to handle all your calls, you will not need to worry about your brand image and how it is portrayed. The professionals will consistently promote and maintain your brand image by using your business name and welcoming greeting whenever they receive any client’s call. Legal companies will get so many benefits by working with an outsourced company.