November 26, 2022


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Obama Slams GOP Sen. Ron Johnson On Social Security In Explosive Rally Speech

Obama, who spoke in entrance of a Milwaukee group on Saturday, slammed 2020-election-denying GOP gubernatorial applicant Tim Michels when calling on inhabitants to not boo — but vote — in the course of the rally, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel claimed.

The former president also sent a storm of criticism towards Johnson as he questioned the senator’s relatability with voters thanks to his assistance of a tax strategy that authorized folks to produce off the expenses of personal jets on their tax returns.

“His grownup kids bought not one particular, not two but three non-public planes. Mainly because apparently carpooling wasn’t an solution,” Obama mentioned of Johnson’s small children.

Obama afterwards went immediately after Johnson on Social Stability as he claimed the senator wishes to raise the retirement age to 70 and supports a system that places Medicare and Social Safety “on the chopping block.”

“The issue is some of you right here are on Social Safety, some of your mother and father are on Social Safety, some of your grandparents are on Social Security, you know why they have Social Stability? Simply because they labored for it,” Obama explained.

“They worked hard positions for it, they have chapped fingers for it, they have long hours and sore backs and terrible knees to get that Social Protection,” Obama said. “And if Ron Johnson does not comprehend that… he really should not be your senator from Wisconsin.”

You can view Obama’s feedback on Johnson below.