April 13, 2024


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Safe Driving Trips for Truck Drivers in the Winter in Houston

Driving a rig in the winter is a harrowing experience, even in an area like Houston. If you want to avoid accidents this winter, it is important to understand a few simple steps. These tips will help you avoid a trip to your Houston truck accident lawyer this winter and make the road a safer place.

Slow Down Your Rig

When the weather gets cold and the snow falls, people in Houston drive erratically. That’s because we’re really not used to snow in this area and, when it falls, people aren’t sure how to act. Truck drivers have to be careful to ensure that they don’t cause any accidents.

You should already drive slower than other drivers on the road, so cut your speed by another five miles per hour to keep everyone safe. Yes, this will keep you on the road longer, but it will minimize your risk of losing control.

Plan Around Holiday Seasons

Holiday roads are different than those during the rest of the season. Simply put, they’re packed with drivers trying to get home for the season and spend time with their families. You need to become a more defensive driver during this time or try to plan around this season.

For example, do late-night deliveries when people are less likely to be on the road. Plan around this situation by getting plenty of rest before you drive overnight. You may even want to bring along a co-pilot to help you stay awake.

Watch Other Drivers

Driving is only as safe as the surrounding people, though there is a lot you can do to minimize your risk. Truck drivers need to be defensive drivers at all times because of their vehicle’s size and weight. However, understanding defensive driving in the winter is important as a way of protecting others.

Try to drive defensively by staying in the right lane and turning on your emergency lights when the snow starts falling. Let others pass you and give people plenty of room to change lanes. Doing so minimizes your crash risk.

Maintain Your Rig

Breaking down on the road during the winter is not only going to be embarrassing but potentially dangerous. After all, your rig is a gigantic piece of equipment, and sitting in the middle of a highway with your emergency lights on during a winter storm could cause a serious risk of accidents.

Make sure that you keep your rig fully operational every year by performing various upgrades and maintenance steps. Check your brake lines, fill your tires with a little more air, and keep your truck secure and steady on the road.

Know When to Park

When the snow falls heavily around you during delivery, you may be tempted to push on and keep going. However, that’s not always a great idea because you might push through inches of snow that might end up making you lose control of your rig and cause an accident.

If you know you’re in the middle of a winter storm, and you’re worried about losing control, find a rest area or parking lot and park your rig. Wait out the storm: plow trucks will be out soon to clear the road and make it safer for your delivery.

Keeping Yourself Safe

Knowing how to avoid these common winter crash conditions can ensure that you are safer on the road and minimize your risk of accidents. It may also help prevent injuries to others around you. In this way, you can avoid serious problems and provide drivers with the same secure experience they need.