July 15, 2024


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Signs That Your Senior Loved One Is Suffering Neglect in Their Nursing Home

Signs That Your Senior Loved One Is Suffering Neglect in Their Nursing Home

If you suspect your senior parent is suffering from neglect in their assisted living facility, you should consult a Round Lake nursing home neglect lawyer. Getting to this point can be difficult in itself because your senior loved one isn’t very likely to openly tell you that they’re being neglected. It will be up to you to determine if neglect is taking place by recognizing a few common signs. Here are a few things to watch for in determining if your loved one is being neglected by the facility’s staff.

Observe the Staff

You can sometimes get better insight into the quality of care your loved one is receiving by looking at the nursing home’s staff. Are they going about their business in a casual manner, or do they seem rushed and frustrated? By law, every nursing home is required to maintain one staff member for every 20 residents during the day and one staff member for every 25 residents at night. If the facility is understaffed, they will be overworked and highly stressed. An understaffed facility will compromise the quality of care for each resident.

Pay Attention to Your Senior Parent’s Living Space

When you visit your elder parent, you should discreetly look at the condition of their living quarters. Make sure the hot and cold water works well. Check the lights to ensure they’re working properly. Watch for peeling wallpaper, cracked windows, or other signs that the maintenance and upkeep are lacking. If the facility isn’t ensuring each apartment is kept in good condition, they’re probably failing in other areas of caring for their residents. You should also ask your parent how often the staff visits their living quarters to find out if they are meeting their obligations for caring for your parent.

Observe the Condition of Your Parent

Another strong indication of neglect is the physical condition of your senior loved one. In particular, try to determine if your senior loved one has lost a significant amount of weight between your visits. This may indicate they’re not getting all of their meals. You should also ensure that they’re drinking enough water, which is another responsibility of the facility’s staff. The signs of dehydration include fatigue, dryness of the mouth, dark yellow urine, and dizziness. You may also see dark circles around the eyes.

Poor Hygiene

You should also contact a Round Lake nursing home neglect lawyer if your senior parent seems to be suffering poor hygiene. If they rely on the staff for help in bathing, washing their hair, and dressing, you might notice that your parent has developed a strong body odor or wears the same clothes repeatedly without washing them. Their oral hygiene habits may also suffer as a result of neglect.

Even if your senior loved one can perform these tasks by themselves, poor hygiene can still be a sign of neglect in that your parent has become depressed as the result of other types of neglect. When they feel abandoned by the staff, they may no longer care about following proper hygiene practices. If you observe poor hygiene, look for other indications that your loved one is suffering from neglect.