July 15, 2024


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The Best Advice on How to Start a Law Firm Comes From A Judge! – My Shingle

The Best Advice on How to Start a Law Firm Comes From A Judge! – My Shingle

For pretty much two many years, I have trolled the world wide web for good tips to share here on how to begin or run a prosperous legislation agency.  And close friends, enable me tell you that it’s really slim pickings out there. 

Many of the site posts and e-publications on setting up a regulation organization are possibly composed by the attorney-model of Captain-Obvious (Things like decide on a apply spot. Invest in malpractice insurance policies. Find clients).  Or they serve as chum, tossed out into these digital waters to entice susceptible legal professionals into acquiring expensive packages or coaching providers.

So I was amazed when I arrived across this movie compilation by the Honorable Decide Scott Schelgel of the 24th Judicial District Courtroom in Louisiana.  Even though Judge Schlegel describes how he utilised low-expense technology to modernize his courtroom, most of the advice is place on for how solo and compact agency lawyers can integrate tech simply and affordably into their tactics

https://www.youtube.com/check out?v=PEXnewFZB6I

How Lawyers Can Use Technologies to Run or Start out a Law Business

View the whole video clip, but if you just cannot, here’s a quick summary:

  1. Create workflow, then pick out your tech.  Way too numerous lawyers turn into speedily overcome with technology possibilities, or make investments in expensive resources that do not get significantly use.  Choose Schlegel’s tips? Set up your workflow first, and the decide the tech to implement it.
  2. Take care of straightforward issues as a result of tech Decide Schlegel identified that for most oral arguments, he could help save time by questioning attorneys via Slack.  Identical is true for client communications.  Demonstrate to clientele how some interactions are considerably more efficient if tech-dependent, or greater if your consumer can Do-it-yourself.(BTW, current research demonstrate that clients favor a equivalent approach)
  3. Never Reinvent the Wheel – Granted, lawyers never have the advantage of businesses featuring totally free legal tech as they have to Choose Schlegel.  But there are off the shelf tools that can be easily implemented by most regulation firms. In a submit in this article Decide Schlegel describes how he set up his court site for just $300.  (inside of tip – appears like he’s working with squarespace!)

Tech has so a lot excitement currently that we forget about that it is not the primary function.  It’s just a instrument to get us wherever we want to go.   If Judge Schelgel can use low cost out of the box tech to innovate his court, absolutely solo and modest agency lawyers can do the identical for their regulation companies.

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