June 13, 2024


Law for politics

The Rat Pack

I cannot expect the truth about the Rat Pack and JFK to ever become known. There are lots of first hand accounts that detail Peter Lawford’s involvement with JFK in doing cocaine and all sorts of women. The truth is far more horrific than the dalliances with 14-year old sex slaves in Florida who I met years later when she was a dedicated lesbian. It goes beyond the likes of Satanic leader Anton LaVey or the people above him who were High Priestesses in a hierarchy that includes the Dragons of HRH Nicholas de Vere. One of those High Priestesses told the spies she had working on me that I was “a Machiavellian Prince sent to overturn her Temple”. I did not discover this until a year had passed after I left my short-term membership and research effort in her coven during 1994. This High Priestess had been the last consort for Gary Cooper and she had been sexually active or a leader in the Rat Pack sex rituals in both Vegas and LA.

I was thunderstruck when I heard I was ‘a Machiavellian Prince’. I had no idea! But as time passes I can see she was right about my purpose to ‘overturn her Temple’. My books on history and our governing forces or people have certainly got the potential to do just that if people ever get around to reading all ninety or so of them.

When t comes to media manipulation – there was none better than the white-wash of the singer or crooner of tunes like White Christmas. Bing Crosby enjoyed his sex and these rituals as much as Dean Martin. The drugs they all took lead many of them to a wretched end. Here is a little part of my discourse with my fellow researcher on this particular book.

‘Portuguese Point is the location of the drug-using (Like his brother-in-law JFK) Peter Lawford’s home or cottage that a relative of my sister-in-law lives or lived in. The Earth Energy here is something special and the land moves from time to time. There are so many peacocks that you would be amazed. Frank Vanderlip’s widow lived next to them. He is of supreme importance to the FED, Jekyll Island and other such things. I suspect also a Bohemian Grove connection as well as this most important connection – the lady I talked with in great detail who married the naive man who is related to my sister-in-law – is a secret consultant for JPL.

She got this job after talking to me about all these things. She was working there before that – but not in this most important consultant position to Hollywood and much more.

You know about Jack Parsons and Ron Hubbard I presume.

So – here is what my Vegas Dragon High Priestess told me about Errol Flynn and others she had sex with who swung both ways. This woman was Gary Cooper’s last lover (BTW).

Flynn and Hubbard were sexually involved in rituals with each other. She spoke well of Forrest Tucker having a large penis to rival Errol Flynn who I believe J. Edgar Hoover had the ‘hots’ for as well. I presume the same is true with Sammy Davis and all the rest of the Rat Pack she was involved with.’

I suppose a reader will have to look up my articles like ‘They Eat Your Brains’, ‘The Star-Fire Ceremony’ (which is displayed on a Dragon website of an official nature); and do a lot of research into things like Aleister Crowley and the Hermetic Order of the Golden dawn which was the Rothschild personal coven before they could possibly have a clue as to what I am rambling about at this juncture. If the reader chooses to do this I suggest they put ‘Paris-working’ into their browser alongside Crowley’s name.