June 14, 2024


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Why Becoming A Statesman Requires COMMON Sense?

One of the greatest challenges, the nation, and planet, often, faces, is, apparently, an enormous dearth, of, genuine, COMMON sense! How often, have I pondered, how it can be called, that, when it seems, too often, to be, one of the rarest of commodities, in those, we elect, etc? Although, certain priorities, should, obviously, be, top priorities, regardless of politics, personal/ political agendas, and/ or, self – interest, we often witness, a dangerous degree of procrastination, where proactive – approaches, are not only needed, and necessary, but, often, past – due! Politicians often emphasize popularity, and populist politics, rather than, prioritizing the greater good, and the ramifications of refusing to take timely, well – considered, necessary actions! Why do so few politicians, end – up, becoming, real statesmen, after they are electing, supposedly, to serve and represent? With, that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, why this matters, in a significant way.

1. Caring; cooperate; coordinate; character; conceive; create: It’s not enough, to, merely, be a caring individual, but, it is an essential component! True statesmen emphasize cooperating, so they can, effectively coordinate others, in the best path – forward! This quality of character, when properly developed, and prioritized, helps one to perceive and conceive of options, alternatives, and potential ramifications, in a relevant, and sustainable manner, and then, bring – forth, and create a plan, to achieve, what we need!

2. Options; open – mind; opportunities: When one proceeds, with an open – mind, he positions himself, to consider a variety of viable options and alternatives, and choose to take advantage of the finest opportunities, etc!

3. Make mark; meaningful: Measure someone’s potential, and whether, they are fit – to – lead, by, whether, they are prepared, in a meaningful way, to make their mark, in a timely way, for the better!

4. Motivating; merits; meeting – of – minds: Quality leadership requires getting others to follow, so a real leader, must, consistently, articulate, a compelling, realistic, motivating, and inspiring message, to achieve greatness! It is essential to consider options, on their merits, and bring – about, a meeting – of – the – minds, for the greater good!

5. Organized; outside – the – box: Achieving priorities means thinking, outside – the – box, and choosing wisely, and then, pursuing an efficient, organized approach, forward!

6. Needs; nerve: Often, because we elect people, who lack the nerve, to do the right thing, instead of the popular one, essential needs, and priorities, are avoided, when we need, well – considered, timely actions, to address potential ramifications, and contingencies, without letting, politics, get in the way, and interfere!

COMMON sense, often, is among, the rarest of commodities, and, when the world, needs statesmen, instead of politicians, risks threatening, sustainability, and proceeding, into the future, prepared, and wisely! Will you become a more – informed, voter?